Along with the CD release we are going to produce only 100 Special Edition Vinyl copies of this album. The crazy twist is... there will be a different line up of tunes on the Vinyl release than what will be on the CD.  Be rest assured that most of the vocal tracks will be on both releases. However, there will be a entire instrumental side of the vinyl album that will not be heard by the general public in any form.  Only folks that donate below will hear these VINYL ONLY TRACKS.

The Vinyl record & Combined  16 track Album Download will never be sold separately.  

This release will realize an output of 16 total tracks divided up over both CD & Vinyl.

We are looking for up to 100 people to Donate $75 towards this very worth while ministry.

Every person that does will receive the following:

- A copy of the (12 song) Refuge CD

- A copy of the (8 song)  Refuge Vinyl album + Special Signed Item

- A dedicated Combined Digital Album Download (WAV Files) with all 16 tracks that will be on the CD & Vinyl.

- Your name will be listed on the back cover art (on the actual vinyl record cover) in a special thank you section for stepping up and coming along side this ministry in a real tangible way.

- 5 Folks will be randomly selected to receive a free Refuge Album T-Shirt.

- 5 Folks will be randomly selected to receive a free Visual Cliff/Refuge Album Coffee Mug



After the 2013 albums were released it was decided that the band would only release a couple of singles every year as they were recorded.  Well, as with most human plans, God had something else in mind.

Many of you may not know that vocalist Shane Lankford and his wife Wendy have dedicated their lives to full time ministry and together they started "Loving The Lost Boys".  They run the ministry out of their home and the mission is to bring in and house kids that have timed out of the foster care system in Baltimore, MD.  They provide loving Godly support in a family environment that these young people have never known before.  They also provide assistance to others who are willing to open up their homes to these at risk kids.

This album has been created for the sole purpose of financially assisting that worthy endeavor.  All proceeds from the sale of this album in all its various forms will directly benefit those young people that will be touched and forever changed by the love and kindness this ministry provides.

CD NOW SHIPPING.  Vinyl Ships Mid May.

Go Here To Order The 12 Track CD Only .. REFUGE CD

The Purpose & Mission Of This Album

A Very Special Twist For A Very Special Ministry!