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Since 2002 Visual Cliff has crafted it's musical mission after the call made in Psalms 33.  We always want our music to be "new", played as "skillfully" as we have been blessed to be able and to always give glory and praise to the Lord.

Most of our albums are free to download.  Our 2013 albums are also available for ordering via the "Our Music" page.  Please keep in mind that most of the money goes back into the work of this music ministry.  We tithe to local and national ministries that we know are spot on doctrinally and we also give to The Childrens Hunger Fund. 

To date over 14,000 meals have been served as a result of our musical supporters.

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                    Those who donate at the highest level will receive all the hard copy CD's
                                 + Band T-Shirt + autographed band print and other items

                                             2013 Final Albums Commemorative T-Shirt

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