Current Line Up:    Rob Perez (Guitars)   Shane Lankford (Vocals)   Rick Mals ( Drums & Bass)   John Neiswinger (Keyboards)

Our Story

Guitarist Rob Perez and drum maestro Rick Mals got to know each other back in the late 80’s when Rob was in a recording project with some mutual friends. After the project was completed, Rob moved to NYC in 1987 to play the clubs and Rick moved to Boston to attend Berklee. 
A couple of years later both returned home to Pittsburgh, Pa. and ran into one another at a Kings X show but soon lost touch again. It was around this time (1991) that Rob was jamming in an improve jam band with keyboardist Rob Klan. They soon lost touch as well after buying homes far apart and starting families and business careers.

Fast forward to 1999… Rob Perez started to get back into writing and composing again and wanted to form a group to record with. After not seeing Rick for about 10 years, Rob stopped by the music store Rick teaches at to say hello. The two friends rekindled the spark of friendship and after catching up on the years that went by decided to work together on Rob’s new music. A couple of months later Rob was eating dinner with his wife at a local restaurant and in walks Rob Klan with his wife. (The two Rob’s now lived within 5 minutes of each other and didn’t know it.) Being seated across from each other at the restaurant, it didn’t take long before Rob K. was handed a demo of songs to review. The very first time the two jam band buddies sat down to play, it was evident the reforming of that friendship was long overdue!

Topping off the year 1999, Rob Perez meet Eric Fuller and the two quickly formed a friendship that resulted in the demo material called “The Visual Cliff Project”. After taking a break to finish his degree and plan his wedding, Eric returned to the fold permanently for the 2004 “Key To Eternity” album. His technical contributions (all things PC related) to the 2003 album “Lyrics For The Living” were essential for its success.

2003 - "Lyrics For The Living" is released.
2004 - "Key To Eternity" is released.

Both “Lyrics For The Living” & “Key To Eternity” sold out of their respective first printings and are now in their 2nd pressings.  The success of both CD’s prompted the band to look for a singer to add another dimension to the music.  After an exhausting search for the right vocalist that resulted in auditioning a handful of really great folks, but none that fit the bill in total. Rob P. happened upon a review on the Virtuosity website for the band Orphan Project and was blown away.  Rob knew the powerful and inspiring voice that was present on those mp3’s was the guy the band needed.  After basic tracks were completed for the 3 tunes written for vocals for the 2005 album “Freedom Within”, Rob contacted vocalist Shane Lankford to see if he would be interested in working on the tunes. After hearing the material, Shane contacted Rob and said yes!

2005 - "Freedom Within" is released.

The Freedom Within CD is now in it’s third pressing! 
In 2006, the Perez/Lankford collaboration produced a special project called Fall Of Echoes. This 12 track all vocal album showcases Shane’s huge talent and gave Rob P. the opportunity to write a collection of rock songs that focused more on traditional song structures.

2007 found VC releasing "Into The After".  Critical acclaim followed for this effort and it is now in its second pressing.

2008-2009 saw everyone take time off from recording and to persue other projects and business/family interests.

It was early 2009 when Rob P. meet drummer Thomas Schuffert.  Thomas was doing some recording with his band at Rob's recording studio and the two quickly stuck up a friendship and started jamming together.   Rob P. also meet David Michael in 2009 as well.  David auditioned on bass for a church band project that Rob put together.  Rob P. was always a fan of Mike Florio's keyboard playing as well but never thought Mike had the time to work together.  

Late 2009 Rob started feeling and hearing the Lord call him back into Visual Cliff mode.  Once it was clear that the other original members lives were way too busy to commit to another album, the new line up easily fell in place in a way that seemed like it was always meant to be.

December 2010 - An all new line up releases "Collective Spirit".

2011 - Visual Cliff releases three singles to expand the Collective Spirit album.
2012 - A little time off
December 2012 - Original drum composer Rick Mals surprises Rob P. with bass & drum tracks for demo material that was never released from 2003 -2007.  
2013 - Rob P. & Rick decide to release "Out Of The Archives"

June 2013 - Welcome new Keyboardist John Neiswinger
September 2013 - Welcome new bassist Jaymi Millard

December 2013 - The new line up will release "Between Two Kingdoms".

2014 - 2017 VC will only release singles as they are completed.

2018 a new full length album Refuge is released - 16 total tracks over CD & vinyl.

2024 a new single is released and plans to issue a 20yr anniversary remastered vinyl version of Freedom Within.


Our Milestones

* We financially support The Childrens Hunger Fund and over the last few years over 12,000 meals have been provided to the hungry.

* "Key To Eternity" was mastered by three time Grammy winner Bob Katz.

* "Key To Eternity" won best rock/fusion album of the year at Sea Of Tranquility

* The 2005 "Freedom Within" album realized distribution in both Best Buy & Circuit City

* "Sacred" from the Freedom Within album received heavy airplay on Sirius on the Christian rock channel called Revolution.

* All albums are in their second & third pressings.

* Our music has been included on a few multi artist CDs.
     - Prog Power UK II
     - Progressive Ears Ear Songs I & II
     - Progressive Rock Collectors
     - Christian Progressive Rock Vol 4

* Our albums have been distributed by:
      - Just For Kicks - Germany
      - Underground Records - Finland
      - Soundmass - Australia
      - CD Services - Scotland
      - Nordic Mission - Norway
      - Killer Clown Records - Italy
      - Malsz Records - Russia & Baltic States
      - Syn-Phonic - USA

Our Story